3 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counter Offer

To Stay or To Leave Your Job

To Stay or To Leave Your Job

Most of us have been in the position where we have gone into our employer’s office and let them know that we are no longer going to work for them. There are may ways I have seen this done, some are honest and professional conversations with a trusted mentor with and a two-week notice and some involve a heated exchange involving foul language. The advice here more likely pertains to the first example.

1- Don’t put your notice in unless you are ready to walk out the door. Assuming that you are valued at your job, your company may attempt to keep you from leaving. You may be given more money, a promotion, a leadership role, or perhaps a fancy new title. You may hear your boss say, “Oh, but we had such great plans for you in the future!” A good question to ask yourself is, “Why did it take until I threatened to leave to be recognized or rewarded further?”

2- Companies have a tough time when good people leave. It often causes the rest of the team to have to work harder to pick up the slack. The attempt to keep you there rarely works out in the long run. You may have a little more money in your pocket, but most often the job hasn’t changed. The reasons why you were looking in the first place are still there, and your boss never views you the same. Who will be cut first when money is tight? How will you be viewed by your co-workers?

3- 80% of people who accept a counter offer are back on their job search within 6 months. Remember, you were the one who was disloyal. You were the one who was going to turn your back on the organization and walk out that door. When the next promotion comes up, do you think it will go to you? Often, the counter offer is a stop-gap, allowing the company to find a suitable replacement for you before letting you go. After working at a recruiting company for multiple years, I have heard many stories where many things that were promised during the delivery of a counter offer, never came to fruition.

Just recently, I managed to get one of my candidates a 100% increase in his salary. Imagine that, a company doubling your pay when you threatened to leave. What taste does that leave in your mouth? What does that company really think about you?

Accepting a counter offer can look appealing in the short term, but realize, it can be career suicide.

-Craig Savage

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Social Media and Your Job Hunt

If you’ve been on the job hunt in the past decade, you know the game has completely changed. Job boards have replaced newspaper job listings and job listings are reaching thousands of applicants at a time. If you’ve used any of the online job boards, you know how difficult it can be to actually get your resume into the hiring manager’s hands.

Get-Hired-Fast-Social-Media-Job-SearchOne tool many job seekers tend to forget about on their job search is social media. Social media can be a powerful weapon on your job hunt that can get you ahead of your competition. Before a job is spread across multiple job boards, it’s usually posted to the company’s website or social media sites. Below are a few tips that can help you find your dream job through social media.

Clean Up Your Sites!  – On a job search you’re trying to sell yourself. Before you begin your journey, make sure you take the time to remove that drunken photo off Facebook and deleting that Tweet that bad mouthed your old boss. If you’ve been with the same company for a number of years, it wouldn’t hurt to update your LinkedIn profile with your skills and it would help to request some recommendations from old co-workers. Remember, you want to show your best self to future employers, so update your profile photos with a professional picture too!

Know What You’re Looking For – When it comes to looking for possible openings on social media, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and where to look. All social media sites have some sort of search bar where you can enter a keyword for your search. The best way to utilize these search bars is by using key words that are relevant to your job hunt. If you’re not sure exactly what to look for, many companies (especially on Twitter and Facebook) utilize the hashtag #hiring. By using this hashtag you can see what jobs are posted in a timely manner. LinkedIn is by far the most professional social media network out there that has a number of possibilities. LinkedIn provides you with the option not only to search for positions, but for companies, and to make connections with the people in your field. On LinkedIn you can join groups with like-minded professionals and where you can connect and inquire about possible openings. Google+ is another great way to find a position. Google+ allows you to also join groups (also known as communities), and to add professionals in your field to your circles. There are ample amount of opportunities to build your network through social media that could help you in the long run.

You found a position you’re interested in, now what? – The best way to go about applying for the position you’re interested in is by private messaging the person or company who created the post. You don’t want to submit your information over social media, but it is a good place to ask for more information. When you private message the person/company, let them know you’re interested in hearing more about the position. Provide your email address and your phone number and close your message as if it were an email. Once you get an email with the details, you can then request the name and email address of the hiring manager and submit your resume and cover letter from there.

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Internship Opportunities at Systems Personnel

“We will bring tremendous value to you; we’re looking to see what kind of value you can bring us.” –Jim Cipriani, Jr, President at Systems Personnel

That was one of the first things I was told the first day of my internship at Systems Personnel and it has never left my mind.

I had no idea what recruiting entailed before I met Jim Cipriani, at a Sabres game, four years ago. Now, here I am, a proud member of the Systems Personnel team due to my internship, and I’m here to tell all of you college kids that you could not land an internship better than one at Systems Personnel.

Mark – Systems Personnel Intern

The Systems Personnel team gives you the skills needed to become a true professional. As an intern you will learn the ins and outs of the recruiting industry and get real life experience and training that can be sued throughout your career.

What can you get from a Systems Personnel internship that you can’t get from any other internship?
The skills to succeed. Systems Personnel can teach you everything you need to learn about the recruiting world, negotiation skills, prepping candidates for interviews, and everything in between. To put it simply, Systems Personnel can teach you how to be a true professional and gives you what you need to succeed in the real world.

Nobel – Systems Personnel Intern

Becoming a part of Systems Personnel will also allow you to walk away with a better mental perspective and attitude towards life. Living in a world that is filled with metrics will build your skills of:  seeking to understand before being understood, prioritizing and planning your day, strategizing how to overcome roadblocks and obstacles to help you succeed, and staying positive and moving forward when things don’t go your way. These skills are not only valuable in the professional world but in your personal life as well.

Simply put, if you want to expand your professional skill set an internship with Systems

Ryan – Systems Personnel Recruiter

Personnel will give you the tools you need.  Now that you have learned all of the value we bring to you, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with me now to talk about the opportunity further.

If you’re interested in an internship with Systems Personnel, email me at


Travel Tips for the Business Traveler


Catching flights, losing luggage, making sure you didn’t forget anything – these are just some of the stress’ a business traveler can experience on a trip. If you’re new to traveling for business, our Expert Career Coach, Jack Hayes is here to give you a few pointers!

Flight Delays – If you’re rushing to get to your flight on time, only to find out that your flight has been delayed, use that extra time wisely! Keep your laptop in your carry for times like this. You could use this time to hash out the final details of your presentation or catch up on some emails.

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How to Work With a Recruiter During Your Job Hunt

In the job hunting world, it possible that you’ve been approached by a recruiter at least once. Before knowing why they approached you, you might seem skeptical to work with a head-hunter. Our expert career coach, Joe, is here to help you with some tips on how to work with a recruiter.

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Workers Compensation and Millennials

The HRSA (Human Resources Strategic Alliance) is a group of human resource leaders in Western New York that get together to share best practices, discuss challenges in the industry, and seek advice from other professionals in the area.

Lissa Carroll, HR Director at the MASH Urgent Care networks, was generous enough to host the HRSA meeting at the Hyatt Regency last Thursday. The snowy morning was spent listening to Dr. Jon Jacob and Jon Brennan discuss two different issues they were facing in the industry.

Dr. Jon Jacob, Medical Director at MASH Urgent Care led the meeting discussing his experience dealing with Occupational Medicine and Worker’s Compensation Claims Management. Dr. Jacob explained the astonishing amount of money that goes into fraudulent worker’s compensation claims and how to deal with them. Read More


Systems Personnel Chili Cook Off

As mother nature continues to dump snow and freezing temperatures on Buffalo, NY, Systems Personnel decided to seize the opportunity and have our first ever chili cook off.

With five different chilis and  three different corn breads, the stakes were high. The rules of the competition were simple, taste all 5 chilis then cleanse your palette with a piece of cornbread in between tastings. Read More


Interview Questions: Tell Your Story – Not Your Theory

During an interview there are usually a number of different questions that are asked to assess your skills as it relates to the position and a number of behavioral questions as to how you handle difficult situations. Many employers ask these questions to make sure you’re the right fit for the company, culturally and technically.

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10 Things Super Successful People Do To Stay Calm

Hi gang – it’s Jon Poliseno again!

Since my last blog entry, Jim Cipriani, the President of Systems Personnel, put out a wonderful post on his leadership blog relating to stress. The below article, is a great combination of Jim’s blog post and my last blog post.

10 Things Super Successful People Do To Stay Calm

Photo from

I would say it is fair that all of us have some amount of stress in our daily lives. It’s how we choose to handle the stress that makes us different. The above article was a terrific read and offers some simple reminders and techniques to bring some perspective to our daily lives.

Life is too short for us not to concentrate on what is really truly important. Take some time TODAY to show gratitude for what you have!

Stay positive Gang!
-Jon P.

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2 Secret Weapons for IT Consultants

Recently, I was on my way to Cape Cod for our annual family trip and finally had some time to reflect on 2013. My goal was to gather some valuable takeaway points to kick off my blog in 2014 with some valuable tips.
Throughout 2013, there were two main topics that seemed to be a reoccurring issue when asking for feedback from our clients that utilize consultants, communication and documentation.

Documentation Read More