What Are You Worth?


By: Lynn Baranyi

You nailed the interview. You answered all their questions, impressed them with your work history and skill set, and got along great with the hiring team. Then comes the question – How much are you looking to make? You ask for too much, and you lose the opportunity. Ask for too little, and you devalue yourself.

How do you know what is a fair salary for your skills? Read More


Acing Commonly Asked Interview Questions

You spent hours on your cover letter, reworked your resume and now you finally got called for an interview! Unfortunately, the work isn’t over yet. Don’t come unprepared to an interview. Make sure you know the answers to these five most asked interview questions. Good luck!


Interacting With Companies Through Email

By: Chris Wier

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Interacting with potential employers online can be a daunting task. Often job seekers have no idea how to stand out in an email and end up spending hours reshaping and crafting emails to align with what they feel to be the culture of the organization. Read More


Tips for Working Remotely

By: Marina Shapiro

laptopWorking remotely provides a lot of flexibility and can be a huge change if you’ve only ever worked in a traditional office. To be successful it’s important to realize you’re still working, and though you might be in your pj’s, you’re accountable for the same amount of work you would be if you were in an office. Read More


What to Research Prior to an Interview

By Lyndsey Banach

iStock_000012523856XSmall_crop380wThe interview may be the most important piece of getting a job but the research you do beforehand can make or break your chance.

The golden rule is to research the company’s website. It’s important to review the company history, values, and executive team.

Let’s be honest though – everyone is going to do that. You want to take it to the next level.

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How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

If you’re looking for a new job, getting noticed by recruiters can be your foot in the door.


How to Make an Impact as an Intern

Interested in doing more than just making coffee at your internship? Stand out! Show your value – come in with goals and ideas, network with the team and offer your assistance on large products.


It’s Never Too Late to Switch Careers


By: Joe Militello

Well, the Super Bowl is over and after spending your Sunday evening watching the confetti fall on the New England Patriots you thought to yourself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could do that?” Well I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but it might be a bit too late to launch your professional football career. Even though you might not be able to be the next Tom Brady, it is not too late to make a change in your career. Read More


Does Your Position Have Growth Potential?



When you picture yourself in five years, are you sitting at the same desk, working for the same manager, doing the same thing every day… earning the same salary? Are you in a job with growth potential – or does it feel more like a dead-end street? Read More


Our Vice President’s Two Year Anniversary

Today is our Vice President, Jon Poliseno’s two year anniversary! The past two years have gone by fast and it has been amazing to see all of Jon’s hard work. For his anniversary, Jon made a video on what it’s like to work at Systems Personnel and what he’s learned during his time here.